Don't Get A Dog This Christmas Unless You Read This...

The Sad Truth:

The evenings are getting shorter, the days are getting colder and I can't help but notice the dazzling displays of Christmas lights in every major city across the face of the earth. That's right, it's Christmas once again. Originally pitched as a time to give back to the ones that matter most to you, but recently it has just became a day for trading physical goods. We now spend thousands of dollars in order to buy the affection of the ones that matter most to us now.

One gift I couldn't help but notice was heavily scrutinised both on TV and Online was the gift of an animal, a dog preferably. Well being a dog person and being in the business of selling Dog Beds & Accessories 

One gift I can't help but notice is heavily scrutinised on TV is the gift of a dog. Now I sell dog beds & accessories on an  Online Store ( and this really sparked my curiosity. I thought to myself Dogs are one of the most loveable creatures on the planet... why are we suddenly advising people not to get one for their loved ones? 

Did you know for instance that from September on to April there is a surge in the amount of animals being sent to the pound. You may be wondering "Why September?" Well this fact will make you feel sick inside, coming up to Christmas people trade their dogs in for new puppies. And once Christmas is over families that cannot cope with a pet in the household simply bring it to the pound. I believe personally that this is disgusting, imagine being brought home from the hospital after birth and your parents looking at you and simply saying "We don't really need another child" and putting you up for adoption, well that's a crisis dogs face every day, and coming up to Christmas it trebles. 

As a dog owner and a human that just doesn't feel right. I must exercise the point from here on out, that if you do not have space, or the money to raise a dog DO NOT BUY ONE! It's simple, your just going to let that dog down or potentially lead to its death when its sent back to the pound. Think about it this way, you're a dog and your family brings you home. You get attached to the family and love them to pieces. Then they just bring you back to the pound and trade you in for a different type of dog. Imagine what that would feel like.

This Christmas I want everyone who reads this to make sure that this won't happen in their family. Don't ruin a dogs life, let them be. If you have the capacity to adopt a dog or have a dog please do. I would highly advise it they make great friends, but if you don't please for the love of god do not adopt one because your only going to unknowingly break it's little heart.

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Hope you have a good one,

- Michael 


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