The Doggy Digest EP1

Owning a dog is something many people only dream of, now you have on it's time to treat him/her right. We suggest you purchase the following items to give your dog the best start in its happy life.

Purchase a bed - Dog beds are one of the most important accessories you will have to consider when you purchase/adopt a dog. However you can use a soft blanket for the first few weeks. Having a good bed ensures that your dog is fully rested and allowing him/her to enjoy their day and be happier just in general.


Purchase a lead/collar - I'd highly recommend that you purchase a lead and collar for your dog not only for the safety of others around you who may not be that fond of dogs but to bring him/her to public places such as parks where they can have some great fun. Purchasing a dog lead is also good if you like walking on quiet country roads or just near roads in general because you have that weight taken off your mind that your dog will run into a car.


Purchase the essential toys - We'd highly recommend that you purchase at-least two soft toys and some form of ball for your dog. Toys are vital for the development of a dogs personality so treat them well and you'll get a very good friend in return. 


Find their favourite dog food - This is going to take some time, we're not going to lie but the best thing to do is have your dog sample different types of dog food over the course of a few months to find out which one he/she prefers. We'd suggest only buying the miniature bags until you find the right type. This promotes weight gain and the development of your dog. However you must keep a careful eye on your dogs food intake, try to keep it low to the point where your dog will never go hungry but also won't become obese. 


Treat them with love and be around them - This is the most important part. A dog simply cannot grow up and develop properly without love and care and someone being around them. This is why dogs are so affectionate to humans, simply because they love us and we love them. You should always treat your dog with the same respect as you'd treat your best friend with. I could never understand how people could neglect their dogs and physically beat them. Don't do this, you'll look like an ass hole. Scratch that, you'll be labelled as a reject from society. Be nice to your dog. Your the best friend he/she will ever have ;)


- Michael Cunningham