Snopes Winter Dog Beds
Snopes Winter Dog Beds
Snopes Winter Dog Beds

Snopes Winter Dog Beds

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Think about it, when we're out in the cold we often fantasise about just jumping into bed, or contemplating why we even awoken from bed that morning. When you come in after a long day, soaked to the skin isn't it a dream of ours to just curl up somewhere warm. Well we have those facilities it's called a bed, and I as a dog owner am pretty sure that most of you wouldn't like you big wet slobbery friend jumping up onto the bed covering it in damp paw marks? have you fallen victim to that? Well we're here with a solution. The Snopes Winter Bed offers your dog some warmth during that cold time of year.


This is a mechanical wash product making it very easy to wash and maintain. Mechanical washing saves people a lot of time and is useful if you are always on the move. Considering it is such a big bed I would strongly look for a mechanical wash bed because it would be close to impossible to hand wash this monster.


The bed is made from Coral Fleece / Lamb Fleece and PP Cotton, which traps heat making it a very warm bed. This is perfect for those winter months where things become a bit less sunshine and rainbows and more grey and disgusting. 

Weight: 650-1030g
Material: Lamb fleece + pp cotton
S Specification: 75x50cm/29.53x19.69in
S Height: About 12cm/4.72in
S Suit Weight: Under 12.5kg
L Specification: 100x60cm/39.37x23.62in
L Height: About 17cm/6.69in
L Suit Weight: Under 35kg

Personal Comments:

One of my dogs is a sheepdog and he's so affectionate to people, he's not liked by the other dogs in the house but he's such a nice little guy, he used to sleep outside my sitting room door so he could just be close to us, rain, hail or shine he'd be there looking in the window. We felt so bad for him so we decided to get him this bed, and he's never looked back since, he's fallen in love with is comfort and in the morning when he has to go round up the cows he refuses to get out of the bed sometimes because he's in another world of comfort. That's my quick story about the bed, it's a comfortable warm solution for those pesky winter months. 

Brand Name: VKTECH